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Hi everyone,

I'm looking to plan some trips for a friend of mine, and we were just wondering where the most popular airfields were in the UK?

Which airfields do people feel have the best approaches?
Best scenery?
Favourite place to fly into and why?
Any good places to eat there?
Places to stay?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!
I'll get in with the first vote for Glenforsa. I'm sure I won't be alone.

The self catering accomodation at Newhall Mains looks good. 2Donkeys can advise further.

Also a day out for lunch at The Cliff Hotel at Gwbert on Cardigan Bay. Fly into Aberporth and a short taxi ride each way. Great scenery and an interesting runway!

St Mary's in the Scillies. Never been, although the uphill slope at Aberporth is on a par.

Otherwise ANYWHERE with a runway that serves bacon right now! :cry: :cry:
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I'd just like to be allowed to go flying.....

But my ideal day out in the aeroplane? Blue sky, sun, no wind, cheap AVGAS, good bacon sandwich, tea, mates, reasonable landing fee, no hassle.....

Scotland has some great scenery, but AVGAS is limited on the west coast unless you want to pay £££gazillions. (Come on Oban, get yer finger out!!) Norway also good for scenery.

My fave airfields? Cromer, Headcorn, White Waltham, Compton Abbas, Breighton and a thousand others out there to choose from, all with their own ambience.

I generally don't visit UK airfields for their 'Michelin quality' cuisine. A good bacon sandwich can be had at many airfields, Cromer and White Waltham top the list.

My ideal day out? Blue sky, sun, no wind, cheap AVGAS, good bacon sandwich, tea, mates, reasonable landing fee, no hassle.....
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Manston would be my choice, but it appears its reopening has been judicially stalled yet again.

Welshpool has a lovely situation and is set in lovely countryside.

Perranporth has some great approaches over the sea and cliffs

Great Massingham has the Dabbling Duck.

East Kirkby and Old Warden both have lovely lengthy grass strips and excellent museum interest.

Rob P
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Bolt Head for the cliff walks and cove swims
Welshpool for Powys Castle
Compton Abbas to sit and watch the world land and take off
Plockton for the views around it
Barra for the experience
Scillies for the feeling of remoteness and southern comforts
Pembrey for the beach
Duxford for the IWM
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Where are you? Has your friend flown before?
My ‘go to’ airfield for first time flyers is now Turweston:

It’s less than half an hour from my home base , the lunchtime grub and view is fantastic allowing a great appreciation of GA at its best .

Depending on how the morning flight is appreciated it’s easy either to fly straight back home or extend the experience with another leg to,say, Fenland before heading home....... :wink:
I'm considering a tour of Scotland at some point, although the leg from Stavanger to Wick is a daunting one in a SEP. If I do make it (perhaps the long way around from Scandinavia via the channel?) I'll make sure to have Glenforsa on my itinerary. :thumleft:
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Assuming freedom to fly light GA and land away coincides with other openings ..

Staverton, for a visit to JAM, is obviously a must :)

[for any who hadn't seen latest block on Manston reopening: :( ]