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There are plenty available second hand still, and they’re providing parts and service still.

Most fun flying job I had was the mighty Learjet - fond memories of London asking for best rate, then when we gave them 7000fpm asking us to dial it back again. Same wing that would get you off the ground at 115kts would take you to FL510, and engines ludicrously oversized for the jet.
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I was lucky enough to ride along on a transit flight on a Lear 45 from Farnborough to Bournemouth a few years ago. Perched between and slightly behind the pilots seats (read clinging on for dear life on the take off roll :D ), it was an amazing 17 minutes airborne.

Cool aeroplane.
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One of the first LearJet 23s to take off from MAN in the late 1960s didn't listen attentively to his departure clearance.

I happened to be there as a schoolboy plane spotter and watched in amazement as it climbed straight ahead to FL230, which it reached whilst still in view from the end of the runway.
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