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By Rob P
WW1 cubs and Taylorc £3000 to £30,000

For aircraft capable of time travel that seems very cheap.

Rob P
A long-distance call to whatever planet MK is currently inhabiting?
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Morten wrote:
Colonel Panic wrote:At last - a web page with an even higher ratio of adverts to content.

To be fair, AFORS is an advertising website, so that ratio should be 100% ;)

Remind me again, what is 100 divided by zero?
Just noticed a 1983 cessna152 for sale on E-BAY--£68000
Photo of a Cessna with REG covered--no details whatsoever--buyer collects.!!!!
Wonder if its worth punting a fiver.
Presume the buyer wants to find some millionaire who knows less than zero ref aircraft.