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When Keef and I were touring USA in a clapped out Arrow we flew into Big Bear(6752ft amsl) a coupla times:

I was rather taken by a cool hoodie in the FBO so I bought one as a pressie for my daughter.

It wasn't till I got home and she took it out of the wrapper that I spotted emblazoned in huge words on it:

'Join the mile high club'
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Lockhaven wrote:I have just received an email to say the crowd funding has reached it goal, great news. :thumleft:

Indeed and, as is the way of these things the target has just been increased. :D

Thank you to everyone here who has helped. I will try and post updates.

I am tempted to donate again and go for the tour of the Lotus works at Hethel, that could be really interesting, especially at less than £40/head..

Rob P

There's no truth in the rumour that second prize was two glider flights then? :lol:

Seriously well done. Keep us informed of when you plan to take your flight and I will see if I can be there.

Rob P