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One wonders which way the long-term financials will pan out.

No doubt all these cowboy '1 CEO and a couple of teenagers' outfits are seeing this as a way to becoming hi-tech billionaires, particulary while at least one regulator has seemed either incompetent or willing to turn a blind eye, and grants and seed-corn funding are available.

On the other hand aviation has a habit of turning large fortunes into small ones.
COVID is just an excuse to get the funding for their trial, the real goal is small package deliveries. They have already advertised it locally as their aim and next step. Their desire is to be white van man in the sky, but currently they want that to be with no tax no MOT, no insurance and everyone else get out of the way. Or in the case of Goodwood, first it’s everyone else out of the way, then it’s, well some of you can come in, but only if you buy some expensive equipment, but by the way, one of our affiliated companies sells something that might let you in.

They really are running before they can walk, as is very well shown by the latest AAIB reports and it’s totally negligent of the CAA to allow them to do what they are doing now. They should be doing these BVLOS trial in current danger areas like Salisbury Plane or Aberporth, then when they have some drones that can be shown to meet an appropriate airworthiness and reliability standard and that also has an autonomous “Detect and Avoid” system not requiring any other equipment fit for other airspace users, then they can be allowed out into class G airspace.

Yes, drones are happening, but they need to be safe and to fit in with all the other current airspace users. No more segregated airspace, whether TDAs or TMZs. Let’s remember it’s not just GA pilots who are being denied access or asked to buy equipment to let the commercial drone operators make profits (effectively subsidising them) but it’s all the gliders, hang gliders, paragliders, model fliers and even “hobby” drone fliers. All are restricted or prohibited in these TDA/TMZs.
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