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By PeteSpencer
GAFlyer4Fun wrote:
Rateone wrote:...The current UK driving licence has the EU flag in the top left corner but the DVLA has not stated that I need to change this within 5 years to a UK one and that I will be charged £77 for the privilege. If it did there would be uproar so it is difficult to see why the CAA is a special case...

DVLA photocard driving licences are only valid for 10 years as the photo has to be replaced every 10 years. Hence there is a natural cycle of licence replacement anyway.
Current fee £14 change online, £17 change by post.

I applied for my second three-year post 70 driving licence (and also Mrs S first post 70) online last Sunday evening at about 10 pm.
Both new licences arrived by post on Tuesday morning, barely 36 hours later !
1) Free of charge
2)’UK’ writ large top left in blue
3)large union flag mid right hand side
4)arrived before I’d even posted back our two cut-in-half old licences .
5) self declared, no medical, no eye test, no photo only NI and passport numbers required
6) no minibus/PSV/HGV/ chieftain tank endorsements required
Top marks DVLA :thumleft:
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By kanga
PeteSpencer wrote:..
Top marks DVLA :thumleft:

:thumright: .. but the exemplary uninterrupted service from DVLA staff has come at risk and price to themselves .. :(

[of course, from the point of view of their management, the organisation has the logistical advantage of a fairly predictable and high level of daily demand for mostly routine action; CAA FCL tasks are presumably rather different.

Oh, and from Ministers' point of view, they are mere lowish-grade public servants, and in Wales at that, so essentially expendable :roll: ]
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PeteSpencer wrote:Perhaps I should have soaked the new licences in alcohol.......

...if you didn't do that you may now need to soak yourself in alcohol.
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By PeteSpencer
JAFO wrote:
PeteSpencer wrote:Perhaps I should have soaked the new licences in alcohol.......

...if you didn't do that you may now need to soak yourself in alcohol.

Nah, guv: I've been pfizered four weeks ago.....
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By GrahamB
Katamarino wrote:If you need to reprint an FAA license for any reason, they charge$2 including postage. That gets you a proper plastic card.

Although 61.75 holders have to get a licence verification from their ‘home’ CAA, and then present themselves to an FSDO, so that $2 in reality becomes a whole lot more!

You may request replacement of any or all of your airmen certificates with a credit card payment of $2 for each certificate requested.
In compliance with the policy dated July 23, 2002, airmen applying for a replacement certificate issued on the basis of a foreign license under 14 CFR Part 61, Section 61.75 or 14 CFR Part 63, Section 63.42, must complete and submit a Verification of Authenticity of Foreign License, Rating, and Medical Certification form to the Airmen Certification Branch and appear at a FSDO for positive identification to make application for a replacement certificate.
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By Dave W
The Consultation response (CAP2123) was published on 15 March.

Regarding the licensing issues:

CAA wrote:Respondents raised concerns around the proposed fee to transition from an EASA format FCL licence to a UK format licence within the next five years. These concerns can be broadly grouped into three categories:

1. Can the CAA amend the policy to continue to recognise EASA formatted licences issued from the UK indefinitely?

2.15 The CAA is communicating with ICAO concerning the transition of licence format. The CAA is confident that it can re-issue the majority of licences naturally over the transition period without pilots needing to specifically apply for a re-formatted replacement.

2. Questioning the rationale for an industry charge given it is an enforced requirement on licence holders.
2.16 The CAA expects the vast majority of EU formatted licences will be replaced with a UK formatted licence during the next five years due to the normal updating of privileges and personal information. With over 80% of licences expected to transition this way over five years, there should be no requirement for most licence holders to make an application to the CAA for a UK formatted licence. It is the CAA’s expectation that the fee shall therefore only be payable in the 2021/22 charge year by those that wish to transition from an EASA formatted licence to a UK formatted licence before there is any requirement to do so. The CAA will also be monitoring the rate at which licences are transitioning in the coming years, and will keep the decision to charge under review for those licences that have not naturally updated where re-formatting is required as we approach the end of the transition period.

3. Challenging the proposed fee of £77 for a Private Licence and £146 for a Professional Licence.

2.17 The proposed fee of £146 for professional licence re-issue and £77 for private licence re-issue mirrors the fee charged for the EASA conversion process introduced in 2012 from which all JAR licences were converted to the EASA format.

Para. 2.17 does not address the complaint IMO.
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By xtophe
Indeed I though all the answers were poor.
I'm sure plenty of people to plan to move house in the next 5 years and are content with their current licence, rating and privileges.

Last one really read like: we are a monopoly, we can charge what we want.
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It was a cash generating scam in 2012 when a lot of us had to buy EASA licences.

Given the fiasco that is their licensing department, as stated on another thread, it's a bigger cash generating scam today.

By johnm
The 2.17 described charging regime actually added value as we went from 5 year renewal to lifetime licences as well as gaining EASA privileges. The 2026 cycle actually charges us for REMOVING privileges.....perhaps we could respond to the response and point that out!!