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By Edward Bellamy
flybymike wrote:The sub 2k category has been around a lot longer than that. I’m pretty sure it was introduced within a few weeks of the initial 2016 introduction of the PMD.

It was indeed...
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By oldbiggincfi
Edward Bellamy wrote:@ls8pilot are you saying that 20% of qualified pilots would not be able to do PMD on Part-21 with the current wording?

Probably more because if you consider there will be a lot " Qualified Pilots" who have never had anything more than a " doctors driving sign off " .
By Forfoxake
ls8pilot wrote:
Forfoxake wrote:
G-BLEW wrote:FWIW, I think that @ls8pilot summarises the situation accurately heree


Agreed, but I still have one query.

The recent CAA 'clarification' on SkyWise states that:

"Existing PMDs remain valid for the type of licence(s) and aircraft weight limits specified at the time of a declaration."

Does this mean that only those having to make a new PMD are affected by this problem?

If so, is a 2000kg declaration made by a LAPL(A) holder before the wording was changed (or only before 2021?) still valid till expiry date as long as no new or recurring relevant medical conditions occur?

PS I only want to fly G registered non Part 21 aircraft in UK airspace atm!

Good question and I suspect a bit of cunning dissimulation by the CAA

The pre-Jan 2021 PMD has a preamble which reads as below. As you can see it only validates the PMD for use with non-EASA aircraft . Even though a Covid exemption temporarily extended this for while, I suspect the CAA could maintain that the previous scope applies and you cannot take advantage of the earlier PMD to fly Part 21 aircraft.

Applicable Licence Types

EU Part-FCL PPL to fly non-EASA aircraft,
EU Part-FCL LAPL to fly non-EASA aircraft,
National Private Pilot Licences (NPPL),
UK Private Pilot Licences (UK PPL), or
UK Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) Balloons that is restricted to commercial operation and to the privileges of a UK PPL (Balloons and Airships)

So yet another bit of confusing and vague wording to go with "any.. medical treatment" and "a history of... recent surgery" . I can only assume maybe they have a trainee or work-experience person putting this stuff together!

Having read through this and my own PMD, I am reassured because I only want to fly non-Part 21 aircraft atm. However, hopefully the CAA will clarify the situation for flying Part 21 aircraft before leisure flying is allowed again!
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