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A couple of days back I fired off an email question to Trig about mating the TN72 bought with the EC subsidy to the KT74 transponder in the RV

They responded today.

"Nothing really astonishing about that" you could well be saying.

Except the answer arrived 8 minutes ago, at nearly 11pm. :shock:

I trust Lindsay, their Customer Support Manager, is working from home. But top marks regardless. :clap: :clap: :clap:

Rob P
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Paul_Sengupta wrote:Don't keep us in suspense, what was the answer? :-)

The pin out is similar to the TT31, but the products are slightly different.

Rob P
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We bought our 8.33 radio from Trig mostly on the strength of their legendary customer service. We did need their technical advice recently when upgrading our aux in feed and their support was prompt, comprehensive, and even included them sending us the D-SUB pins we needed FOC. They really are exemplary vendors of aircraft equipment.
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[possibly posted before :oops: .. but worth mentioning here]

I was once helping to staff the YES stand at The Flying Show (seems a long time ago) at NEC or Telford. We had with us a part-built airframe of one of the Build-a-Plane projects, with some of the schoolchildren involved in the build. Someone from the Trig stand came by and stopped to chat, including to the (articulate, enthusiastic) children. Shortly afterwards he came by again with a brand new Mode S transponder as a corporate contribution to the project :thumright:
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By JodelDavo
I concur. Trig's customer service and communication is excellent.

It's certainly a bonus of changing my Garmin Txpdr to a Trig Unit. They even sent F.O.C some small components that I'd lost!!! :thumleft:
There's a very Scottish flavour to first-rate customer service. Trig and Harry Mendelssohn just about top the polls every time.

Bagpiper emoticon needed

Rob P
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Yet another satisfied Trig customer. I bought a secondhand Trig transponder but couldn't get ADSB out to work when connected to my Avmap Ultra. A phone call to Trig (speaking to a real person!) elicited that I needed a software update which the nice man said would be free and they would also check the unit to make sure it was operating correctly. All I would have to pay was the return carriage.

UPS collected the transponder from me on Wednesday afternoon and tracking showed it was delivered to them on Thursday lunchtime. I received it back on Friday afternoon. Excellent service for someone who was a "non" customer.