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The Cub was from 1937 and will probably not fly again.
The pilot is from 1938, not a scratch on him and is ready to fly again.

Quite right "- Losing engine power was like flying a glider with poor performance." - it's what I always tell my passengers...
He also quite rightly refers to focussing on flying the aircraft so it does not 'fall straight down'.

Google translate version here: ... 1.15324324

Good result ! :clap:
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Hah! I didn't even pay attention to the fact that the paint job on the 2 aircraft were different.
Yes, the captioned photo says he sits in the 1937 Cub that is clearly not the one which was involved with the accident. The Accident aircraft LN-KCH appears to be a 1952 model, so a mere whippersnapper.