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By eltonioni
G-BLEW wrote:
ThePipster wrote:Just to a further thought, I am using the food as one example but I can think of other items such as portable avionics, headsets, alcohol wipes etc that coukd also fall foul of import regulations.


They will not be permanent imports though

Neither will a ham sandwich if one doesn’t make use of the facilities.
By patowalker
ThePipster wrote:
patowalker wrote:
You have entered the EU, which is why you have to land at a Customs airfield.

So do the same rules apply to CAT? Are a crew that land a Madrid but never leave the aircraft deemed to have entered the EU, or have they only entered the EU when they pass through immigration?


For that info refer to GEN 1.3 ENTRY-TRANSIT-EXIT OF FLIGHT CREW MEMBERS and see GEN 1.2 for the paperwork that will have been submitted for their flight. ... /home.html

I think the circumstances you describe are not addressed by the regulations, because you want to turn an intra-Schengen flight into an arrival from a third country. It is ironic that you chose Spain in your example, because some Spanish airports treat intra-Schengen flights that do not originate from a Customs airfield as extra-Schengen flights.
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By condor17
The US has it’s nonsense rules as well ..
We’d operated LGW – Santa Maria –Tobago . expecting days on the beach .
Ops had a change of plan waiting.. Straight onto an exec jet deadheading to San Juan [ clear US customs and immigration ] then onto Orlando Sanford [ just like Booker + all UK long haul charter fleet on a winter Sat.] By then it would be a very , very long day/night . Any food was long gone , all we could nick from our galley was some peanuts .
Exec crew introduced themselves , and said they’d brought Smorgasboards from Fort Lauderdale for us .. Brilliant , thanks said we .
Whereupon US Customs turned up , and as the food had left the US [ but not the US a/c] was to be confiscated ... Command decision made NO !
The wing of a 1969 Learjet makes a perfect picnic table , laminar flow , flat , polished , correct height and area . We three made US customs wait for 45 mins while we ate supper and coffee , cannot remember the cake .
US customs man had very little to take away afterwards , and we made him clear the table .
Rgds , condor .