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By Human Factor
Hooligan wrote:Do hope the rest of it isn't in a nearby field...

Out of interest, are Tomahawk doors quick release like the Aerobat?

No they aren’t. I imagine it fell of a truck or something.
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Human Factor wrote:1991 for me. Probably the same hotel for my Flying Scholarship.

First solo was the late G-OATS but I flew all of the above.
G-OATS first solo for me also back in 1987, though PPL only achieved last year. Flying Scholarship hotel was a bit of a dive iirc, at 17yo I didn't much care; I lived in the town next door so went home to get fed.

What happened to G-OATS?

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By Hooligan
Thanks Human Factor.

G-OATS was written off in a heavy landing at Tollerton in 2005.

Remember watching her being spun through 12 turns at Farnborough by CSE's Jeremy somebody in 1978. Funny how the Tomahawk was successful and the Skipper wasn't - too expensive perhaps?