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Stop smirking at the back, it's nothing like that.

It's a bunch of American ferry pilots, most of whom I would never tire of hitting in the face with a golf club (especially the narrator) but I find myself addicted.

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By PeteSpencer
I recognised a few of them from a series on Sky a coupla years ago . One of them , Cory , (I always remembered his name ) seemed a reet dodgy character ......

Is this a new series?
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No, only new to me, Pete. There are two series, they were originally made in 2012 and 2014. I only have poor man's telly and rarely watch it anyway, so I am generally about a decade behind.

I recently read Ferry Pilot written by one of their number, a guy called Kerry McCauley. I enjoyed it and googled him and it brought up these.

Cory is candidate one for the golf club and I would use a nice, heavy driver.
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By Morten
:lol: Going with the Wodehouse theme from the other thread, a Niblick seemed to always be the preferred club of choice, as attempted used by Agnes Flack (the one with the wolf hound) :twisted:

Nevertheless, interesting series with the sound down... ;)
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There was a flurry of aeroplane series a few years ago on Sky ( I have philistine tastes) one of which , Airplane Repo looked decidedly staged

It also used slang I last heard in infants school well over half a century ago : ‘ I’m Taaaadd, I swipe aeroplanes for a living’ :roll:

I actually miss the Aviation Channel which was taken off about 15 years ago- it carried some good stuff - if you sorted the wheat from the chaff .
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By Jonzarno

I stand corrected! :oops:

I have just checked Wikipedia and found this:

On 24 February 2013, cameraman/director John Driftmier and conservationist Dr. Anthony King were killed in a plane crash in Kenya. Driftmier was shooting footage for Dangerous Flights when the plane, an Aeroprakt A-22L ultralight (registration 5Y-LWF) crashed into the east face of Mount Kenya. Although only a preliminary report has been published thus far, it is believed that a large downdraft forced the ultralight into an unrecoverable descent into the mountain. Driftmier and King were the only occupants.[5][6][7][8]

Thanks for putting me right! :thumright:
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