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We have four home made masks to this pattern but we’ve added garden wire to the top seam which helps make the fit close to the face and stops specs steaming up
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The majority of available masks have minimal protection against Covid.

Try this:

N95 spec against viral strains (and advise going for the black version), washable and reasonable resistance to fogging spectacles.

No personal financial involvement with the manufacturer besides being a shareholder.

Anyone interested in the only certified graphene products (Airbus are a customer for aircraft anticing products) might be interested in :
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Those clear face shields do nothing to protect others, they are a complete sham.

I beg to differ. breathe out in frosty weather and see how far thevisible breath-vapour travels. Now consider how a transparent face-shield will attenuate and deflect this vapour-stream.. The wearer's own clothes probably become heavily contaminated,but that's a different story.
Basic face covering reduces the risk of you passing it to others,

Face shield coupled with proper medical mask reduces the risk of you getting it as well as giving it.

Face shield on its own limited benefit either way....
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Quite. Proper FFP3 masks offer good protection for the wearer but aren't comfortable for all day wear and don't do.much more to stop the wearer spreading it than a cloth covering, hence the advice to wear a simple cloth mask.

There is evidence to show that face shields do not prevent spread by the wearer:

And an outbreak linked to visors ... edirect=uk

Stay well everyone
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low&slow wrote:The rationale behind face mask wearing is to protect others from you by absorbing potentially virus-infested droplets that you breathe out. Those clear face shields do nothing to protect others, they are a complete sham.

The other day I saw someone in the queue to board an aircraft wearing one of these, other than maybe flouting the guidance WTF use is that for protecting anyone, I was surprised the airline allowed it.