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By novpap
The annual maintenance to renew the CoA is due on my aircraft mid lockdown. The maintenance organisation is not based at my home airfield. I am of the opinion that this maintenance is essential, therefore I could fly to another airfield, notwithstanding the DfT directive that flights should start and finish at the same airfield. Any thoughts? Or is there anyone here who knows more than me on this subject and can advise.
Maintenance flights ISTR were permitted last time.

Jeez, if you can buy a takeaway coffee from the high street you should be able to fly to a maintenance organisation alone.. Just do it and quibble about it afterwards - at least your aeroplane will be where you want it, the powers that be are hardly likely to tell you to take it home again.

What do your maintenance company say? And the aerodrome its based at?

Like DoDo, I'm sure some goody two shoes who was the school nerd will come along and quote some rule that says you can't..

(Tell 'em you heard it from the Flyer Forum :thumleft: )
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By SteveX
Allow me then! How is a CoA essential? It's not. Just like if something breaks on a GA aircraft it should sit where it is until lockdown ends. Why? Because it's a hobby and is not essential. I've just read the guidance and recreation isnt in there, dont know if DfT guidance is updated yet, perhaps that will allow it.

Do I agree with it, not entirely, but the line has to be drawn somewhere. Yes I do agree less risk than going to a food take away, just that keeping people indoors unless necessary is deemed the most important thing. Eating is essential, taking a private aircraft for it's 'mot' isn't I suspect.
How will you get back from the other airfield or maybe it's close enough to home to get your daily exercise...? :D

Seriously, we will be in the same situation but our other airfield based Maintenance Organisation says that they will apply for an extension when the time comes in early March.
I've got 3 vehicles to MOT in Jan, I was hoping for an extension but from what I understand, you've got to get them MOT'd.

I would absolutely fly for maintenance if it needed to be done, and just take the most reasonable steps possible. It's maintenance for a means of transport so similar to a garage that way. I'd speak to your mx outfit to see how they feel.

I've not had a chance to read the latest legislation (if it's even published yet) but under the previous heavy lockdown one I thought to retain airworthiness of an aeroplane seems like a reasonable excuse to leave the house to me.

Clearly there is no real risk at all if you can get someone in your household to drive to destination and bring you back, and you don't need to interact with anyone.
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By ozplane
On a related topic I've decided not to fly for a month as the strip is soggy and I ought to heed lockdown, unless we get the engine maintenance waiver. What can i do to help keep the aircraft in good shape. I've removed the battery and stuffed the exhausts to prevent moist air getting in. Anything else on a temporary basis?
By novpap
Thanks for the responses.

From my point of view the maintenance is essential because, once the CoA expires. I can no longer fly the aircraft, therefore how do I get it to the maintenance base for its Annual?

The airport remains open, but the maintenance organisation so far is uncontactable! They had previously said there would be no extension. Haven’t been able to find a CAA view on this.
This is ridiculous! An aircraft can get permission for a maintenance ferry flight with expired CofA.
Under the Covid circumstances it is highly unlikely that such permissions to be refused.
There must be dozens of aircraft about to expire, are these aircraft all going to be scrapped by being expired and in the wrong place? Let’s be reasonable!
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