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C1FF wrote:Having cast off the chains, the UK CAA (and DofT) now have the opportunity to be a world leading organisation. Lets give them a chance and support them.
It does not help however that in Tier 4, the guidance from the DofT only allows recreational flying in open cockpit aircraft.

I can take the doors off mine, does that count?

One thing is certain, I can't fly much less than this year!
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I am cautiously optimistic but far from complacent because we have seen some ugly aspects of people and society exposed in recent times.

We need to remember that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance to ensure that we remain a tolerant, just and inclusive society.

Whatever lies in store there will be some opportunities for fun and happiness and we need to make sure that we grab them with both hands!
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lobstaboy wrote:
T6Harvard wrote:... is it just me who thinks 2021 sounds like a year waaaay in the future??

Yes indeed. It feels like we're living in a dystopian Philip K Dick story written in 1955 but set 66 years in the future.

Happy New Year everyone :)

Or 76 years?

Nope. I know my maths is right cos I was born in 1955! Don't try to rob me of ten years of fantastic flying that I am planning ;)
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Nope. I know my maths is right cos I was born in 1955!..

good to see that we do have some striplings on the Forums :)