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By Trent772
This surfaced this week and I am assuming it is an RAF map as my astonishingly old Bro knew most of the points !

Does anyone have background on it please ?

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By GrahamB
Terrain ‘C’ has an unfortunate history.

I was sitting in my eponymous office beneath the Jaguar/C152 interface when it happened. :(
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By Rob P
The mention of Harry Potter puts it 1990s or later

Rob P
By Cole Burner
That brings back a few memories - where did you drag that up from?

The version I remember was well before 'Harry Potter' so it must have evolved over the years. The Ho Chi Min trail for example was based on the old low level route the East Anglian Air Force (Har/Jag/Buc/Tor) often took on the way home from Wales - Vietnam war era(?) and Sally's was named after the particularly well endowed wife of the Brawdy Station Commander I think.

The landmarks had their uses because everyone knew where they were. Getting a split formation back together was much easier when you could say 'see you at pork chop lake in two minutes'.
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The good old aircrew map of Britain, as @Cole Burner says it's evolved a bit (I knew it in the late 80s/early 90s) but it's been evolving for years, I suppose.

Here's Building X in Wales.

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By Trent772
Credit to The Maid Of Kent !

Or is it the Kentish Maid ?

Great feedback, please keep it coming as we need to find out more. My Bro knew both Smokey Joe's. That was in his Andover days on 46. You have to see where the chimbley is to locate it I think.

Yes, my Bro was in "That Andover" but he is fine..... Baaaaaa !
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By skydriller
That map has been around for a while...I have a paper copy from the early 'noughties !!
(Possibly earlier...)
Still amusing to re-visit though... :thumleft:
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By PaulSS
@Dave W
Smokey Joe's is well out of position. It was at Westbury and is gone now.

I seem to remember Smokey Joe was a (smoking) chimney near South Molton. Doubtless there are others but I'm sure we used it a lot when clamouring together for a re-join before recovering back to Chivenor.
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