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johnm wrote:Wild boar have been reintroduced to the Forest of Dean and parts of them now routinely appear at the farmers' market and on our dinner table :D

Back in 2011, we went on a package tour to Corsica just before Thomson shut down their operation there flying in and out of Figari airport in the south of the island.
We were half board in a smallish hotel in a village called Favone so the evening meals were a bit boring; wild boar 3 nights out of 7 (venison 2 of the other nights).
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Back on topic.
All airstrip owners need is a minidigger - if the ditches dug with it fail to deter intruders, at least burying the evidence is easier. :wink:

Seriously, forget cameras and passing vehicle ID to the police - you are very unlikely to achieve anything useful by doing so. The only effective way to keep this sort of problem at bay is to make the property access physically too difficult for the offenders to bother with - Ditches and proper gates are a good starting point.

I am happy to discuss this and other measures we have taken at our properties (off group though please).
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cotterpot wrote:And the caravan........ is a Lancaster - ( Abbey 1991 ). :D

Still giving sterling service today, thanks to you. :D

It was also much appreciated by the younger Flintstones during lockdown when they needed respite from home and kipped in it for a few nights. Done the same thing myself too when out on the rabbits at night.
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Charliesixtysix wrote:I am happy to discuss this and other measures we have taken at our properties (off group though please).

Thanks but those are already in place. Having other businesses share the access means the gates are open during the day.
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rdfb wrote:Criminality usually requires mens rea, which basically means here that the damage itself needed to have been intentional, and the prosecution would need to prove that beyond reasonable doubt.

That doesn't mean that you can't demand to be compensated. Just that it would be a civil prosecution, not a criminal one.

Of course, you're right, I just would have been so mad at the idiocy if it had been my land that I would have made all the noise I could to make them pay in some way. As you know, the literal translation of mens rea is "Guilty mind" and I think it would be hard to prove in a court of law that these cretins had any kind of mind at all.

The text quoted by @T6Harvard though specifically mentions recklessness as well as intention, so I think it might constitute criminal damage rather than merely a tort - although the latter is probably likely to be a more successful route to redress.