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Used to happen all the time at our strip: Replacing the divots reminded me of my Polo days: :lol:

Curiously the grass always recovered rapidly.

Miraculously stopped when the two landowners got together and put in secure padlocked/coded steel gates all round the airstrip and farmland.

Peter :wink:
That sort of activity goes with land occupation almost daily here too.

Its a right royal pain in the ass and you just have be thankful they didn't leave anything behind other than wheelmarks (on this occasion) - my mate acquired 2 eight wheeler's worth of plastic waste in his gateway last night.
There is a concrete track from the road to the strip which is shared with a couple of other businesses, the gates need to be open during the day which is when they drove in.

Number plate was only a partial and my checks on and AskMid have drawn a blank, I'll have a word with the rural plods and see if it matches anything they know about.

That caravan was donated by a very generous forumite :D
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We've just put £3.5k of bird mouth fence around our village green, as a few people seemed to be incapable of keeping off it.

Why do a 3 point turn, when you can just do a big loop over the pavement onto the green with full steering lock to properly chew it up as they give it plenty of welly so as not to get stuck.
I have this pretty much weekly on crops and it makes me furious.

I wonder if it’s becoming more of a thing across the country.

At one point, a few friends of mine felt they could just veer off the public footpath when hiking..... People ultimately need to eat off all this stuff and it should not be messed up by a few individuals.

Will barbed wire / electric fencing / locked gates / ditches / dogs / bulls ... or other deterrents help?
View any cctv near entrance / en route to get full VRM?

Agree with prev poster (Peter, I think), if they drove round the hangar they are PROB99 casing it. Suggest cctv or dummy camera put up asap and secure the caravan to prevent removal by towing or low loader.
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T6Harvard wrote:Agree with prev poster (Peter, I think), if they drove round the hangar they are PROB99 casing it.

Would anybody casing it be so stupid as to leave that much evidence of their presence?

Yes, Moriarty is fiction. I once caught an offender who was hiding from the police helicopter by lying flat on a roof. It is a battle of wits in which one of the combatants is often unarmed.
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