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Dave W wrote:That URL has a problem, apparently due to the CAA's use of brackets within it.

I tried to use to simplify a direct link, but that failed for the same reason.

If you go to CAP1985 here, and then open the PDF from that page, it seems that it will work.

Hopefully that link will not expire.

This issue may be at least part of the reason that take-up has been poor.

Another reason will be that the contents of that document are evidently assuming the presence of an online form and which ask the responder to select options from a list and enter comments into a "free text box" - neither of which are available within the PDF!

Poor show. :?

I possibly wasted a good hour of my life completing this but it works perfectly ok Dave? CAP 1985 is the blurb, within that blurb it explains how to respond, there is also a link to the survey itself. Much as "they" wind me up I fear the problem with being able to complete this might be currently sat in your chair?

Snorker wrote:I fear the problem with being able to complete this might be currently sat in your chair?

Yes, thanks for that. :?

I am not a GA professional. I have to do this stuff in amongst running a career and a life.

It is NOT simple to determine how to complete that document.

"How to Respond" does not appear until Page 15, and then it is a sub-bullet.

If it truly is desired that all stakeholders - including those for whom this stuff is not their dayjob - complete this, then it has to be obvious and EASY to do.

It is (to use a forum word with some history behind it) rather disingenuous to suggest that people are not interested in commenting when in reality they absolutely are but don't have the time to fight through dross to determine how to actually deliver their pertinent comments.

Presentation and advertising of that material is the product of a classic bureaucracy, not of an organisation that truly thinks about how to get wide-ranging and pertinent feedback.
I agree Dave W.

Everyone comes across easy to use websites on a daily basis so it's not rocket science.

The reason the CAA can't construct an accessible portal with effortless steps to interact with it seems strange. My only thought is it comes down to money and a lack of investment in developers who do this stuff properly.

I've made suggestions about improvements to a number of CAA pages over the months and seen updates/upgrades come and go without my suggestions incorporated which is very frustrating.

An example is the Airspace Change Portal function. I search on Sponsor but after each search the dialogue box reverts to the default - it doesn't think my next search will be for a sponsor so adding 3 clicks to every search. :roll:
Different people have different opinions about what is easy and what is irritating and what is incomprehensible.

Some people have a mental block with forms no matter how well presented they may be, yet when they phone up, for example, an insurance company the operator is asking the questions and in effect completing the form for them.

So, back to this CAA consultation, if someone cant work out how to do it but kind of know what they want to say, then just write it an email with the consultation reference in the subject line, and send it to the GA Unit. Also give them a clue why you could not respond the official way.
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Head of GA Unit has put out a reminder about this consultation which runs until 18th Dec 2020.

As you all know, three weeks ago the CAA launched UK General Aviation opportunities after leaving EASA – a consultation: This consultation is an opportunity for you to share your views on the direction of future regulation and shape how we work more effectively with you and the UK GA community.

Responses were initially very good but have recently plateaued at the 600 mark. We are working on a range of communications channels to ensure the consultation is available to as broad a GA community as possible. In the meantime could we please ask that you help drive participation in this consultation within your organisations plus use any levers at your disposal to help drive participation to all representatives.

The consultation can be completed here and closes at 2359 on the 18 Dec.