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By rikur_
Interested in observations from others, as I might have fallen victim to confirmation bias....

Has anyone noticed a pattern of difference between BBC weather forecast and met office?

(From a Vale of York perspective), the BBC seems very prone to extrapolating that rain on the Pennines will blow east and become rain in the Vale of York, whereas the Met Office seem to recognise that it will burn out over the hills, and be drier in the east.
On the flip side, when it is showers, the BBC seem to give a more honest PROB50 in each hour, vs MetOffice toggling between 10% and 90% presumably based on whether they've guessed that there will be a shower or not in that hour.
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By Rob P
BBC is now supplied by MeteoGroup who I find fairly accurate generally, but a bit haphazard when it comes to wind and gust strengths.

Rob P
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By Boxkite
I regularly see a difference on the BBC between their own hourly forecast at a location and their drop-down storm warnings. They can have a storm warning with high winds but the hourly can show just 20mph winds. It's as if they are from different sources.
And I am sure they just look out of the window in the mornings. Sometimes in the evenings you just know that their forecast for the morning is not going to happen, and then in the morning the forecast suddenly changes to suit.
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By lobstaboy
It depends on how far ahead you want to look
- 24 hours, use the metoffice aviation pages
- three days, the metoffice public pages are good and definitely better than the BBC
- further out, don't bother they're all just guessing

I like the metoffice public pages because they do give you some stuff that is useful in an aviation context like visibility and gust strength.
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By mikehallam
Ventusky is free and works on p.c. and Android, gives high accuracy for cloud layers, rain & wind etc.
It is my favourite when planning flying today or days ahead. They have a radar feed too which seems extremely accurate including a short look ahead.
XC Weather is quick, gives a broad brush indication especially winds and one can choose viz. and other options - again totally free.

It sits alongside Ventusky as a favourite, both on my p.c. and Android mobile.

F214 & F215 are rarely studied for my kind of flying but do cover a wide area.

Finally for me Gatwick AFIS (on Android too) is excellent both at home and when in the 'plane on the wireless whilst waiting for the oil to warm up for QNH, wind, viz etc.
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By Rob P
mikehallam wrote: ... and when in the 'plane on the wireless whilst waiting for the oil to warm up for QNH, wind, viz

OK I will bite :?

Why do you need a source of the QNH other than your altimeter when sitting (presumably at base) waiting for the engine to warm up?

Don't you know the elevation?

Rob P
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By mikehallam
The mechanical Altimeter is a few Mb out, so I set it to read the strip height. The AvComm EFIS needs QNH.
I have read many tips on resetting the millibars right but so far failed to align this 'advice' with the real thing ! So it remains approx. 90 ft 'wrong'.