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By Flyingfemme
I made a small dining table for not much money. Scaffolding support and the top is covered in scraps of WW2 Flight magazines. The magazines were pretty tatty and have some great adverts. Plenty of stuff to read/look at while you sit. Finished with several coats of Polyvine decorators varnish, it is surviving in the kitchen rather well.
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By rikur_
The pub closures are obviously having an impact on me, when the first thing I thought of when reading the thread title was that he was building one of these.... :oops:
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By Charliesixtysix
carlmeek wrote:Just saw a fabulous upstanding wing on eBay. £650 is a bit much though!

Perhaps I need a scrapped aircraft. Hmm; where can I get one of those?

The problem is that scrap will sell for scrap price, whereas anything with art potential or that has already been prepared to 'exhibit' standard will command a higher price.

Unless you want the barn to be a scrapyard the choice is, as always, money or time.
By Iron Chicken
Does anyone remember the St. James Infirmary bar in Mountain View, south of San Francisco? The bar ceiling was adorned with an aeroplane and horse drawn hearse driven by a skeleton :D - amongst other items not suitable for radio 4 in the morning :shock: !

You may be able to pick up a glue failure K8 or K6 glider for a relatively small sum if your man cave is big enough. A K13 if it's really big.

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By Lockhaven
I am in the process of hanging an ejector seat parachute canopy from my barn/hangar roof it will also help to keep the dust of the aeroplane, they can be found on eBay fairly cheap around £70 - £100
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By PeteSpencer
Sounds like an interesting project: Don't forget to take time -lapse photos as it progresses for posting on here.....