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By carlmeek
My lockdown project is building a bar in my barn. To be used in parties once we unlock! It’s got to be aviation themed, obviously, so I turn to the great forum for ideas!

Anyone got any cool ideas, or locations to buy affordable aviation junk?

Think.... man cave.
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By carlmeek
Just saw a fabulous upstanding wing on eBay. £650 is a bit much though!

Perhaps I need a scrapped aircraft. Hmm; where can I get one of those?
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By Dave W
Charles Hunt wrote:Print hard copies of all legislation and use them to hold up the bar?

You'll need safety harnesses on the bar stools. It'd be a loooong way down.

This thread has reminded me - I have a Lynx tail rotor blade in the garage that I need to mount properly in my own man cave. 8)
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By carlmeek
Gold plating already? :-)

More like... we should gold plate the bar stools !
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By Rob P
I've an ordnance winch, used to load underwing stores on cold war jets that's heading for the recycling centre.

To be honest it only says aviation if you know what you are looking at.

Rob P
By Hooligan
A pub in Ramsgate has a row or two of airline seats in one of its rooms - ex 707 I fancy, scrapped at Manston, They are complete with small tables that pull out of the armrests. Don't know if they still recline, but much better than the horrid sofas that so many pubs affect these days.

Also if Paul Nalson is still scrapping light aircraft at Chaldon/Caterham on the Hill, he might have some time expired parts that could be decorative...
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By nallen
Dave W wrote:I have a Lynx tail rotor blade in the garage that I need to mount properly in my own man cave. 8)

A fetish so niche it has yet to have a website devoted to it.
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