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Article 8 of Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2020/723 allows for a reduction in training to obtain Part FCL licences, certificates and ratings if an applicant holds an equivalent ICAO licence, certificate or rating issued by a State outside of EASA

The regulation specifies that the ATO the pilot engages to provide the training may recommend a reduced course for the individual for agreement by the competent authority of the Member State - the UK CAA in this case

The UK CAA have declared a minimum amount of training for which agreement may be assumed, whilst still allowing ATO's to recommend a lower amount once the pilot has begun training and his skill level has been better established

Notwithstanding the reductions in training allowed under Article 8, applicants shall meet all the other requirements e.g. overall flying experience, prerequisites for course commencement or licence issue, theoretical knowledge examinations, skill tests, etc

From On Track reference so I believe you would still need CPL TK
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TLRippon wrote:So would this be any different if they lived in another EU state? Ireland for instance?


It may, but I don't expect it, be different if the SOLI is different from the UK.

NAA matters , not country of residence.