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Given the fun sporradic UK lockdown policy it's looking increasingly likely I'll be spending winter in the Algarve this year.

However, waiting to maintain my flying currency I was hoping I'd be able to look at renting something to buzz around in, but Google is not providing much luck in terms of finding results so I was wondering if anybody here knew about renting aircraft out there?

In terms of location I'll be close to Portimão aerodrome so that would be my preferred location :-) but happy to consider anywhere South of Lisbon really.
The Portuguese seem rather laid back when it comes to aircraft rental: I tried every year for six years to get a flight with an instructor in Madeira: Only managed to make contact once: and the aeroplane was tech when I arrived.

Gave up.
Highly recommend Malcolm @fly365 near Lagos not far from Portimao and I believe the c42 can be rented now, will probably need a checkout ride. It's a picturesque area to fly around, especial Monchique and the racetrack at Esteril and Cape St Vincent.

If you're interested in checking out the rest of the coast I have a house in the old town of Albufeira and can suggest places to visit.

GAFlyer4Fun wrote:
Artschool wrote:they weren't interested last time I was there during summer. parachute drops were readily available.

Not been myself but it was during the summer where I saw some pics of the Extra in action over some great scenery.

Out of curiosity did you try as that looks a typical GA fleet?

no I just went down to the air field and spoke to them.
Thanks for the answers guys! I've just spoken face to face with one of the managers and pilot of Skydive Seven (SK7) who are based out of Alvor and have a 172 for scenic flying and banner flying (they're the ones that also have the Extra for aerobatics and a Porter for skydives).
He said they would rent out the 172 at the following rates:

Initial Check Flight: 300 EUR/hr
Rental Rate: 250 EUR/hr

Both check flight and normal rental includes 1 landing at Alvor. Any additional landings charged at 24.60 EUR.

I might pop down to Fly365 this week and chat to the guy about the C42s :-)
That is a lot more expensive than Ken Thomsett used to charge for his C172, or the club C150 about 5-6 years ago. Unfortunately, Ken sold up and retired, so well done for finding a potential alternative . Let us know how you get on with the fly365 guys and the C42.

The only way I got to fly at Portimao in the last couple of years was by flying my own aircraft down there with the Europa Club :D