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By Rob P
So if we have someone fit the device we can ask them to separate the hardware from the labour and claim for the former, as well as the box itself?

Rob P
By mlawton
mlawton wrote:
I've got the sky echo but can't register for a portal! It won't accept my user name to proceed, tried at least 10 various user names, 3 different browsers, deleted cookies ,disabled ad locker and all firewalls,tried 3 different computers. Phoned CAA a couple of times said they would pass on to IT dept. Heard nothing for 3 weeks! Spent at least 5 hours trying! Any one else having problems?

Finally success this morning , spent another hour on the log in. Eventually got my daughter to do me a Portal opening on another ISP 160 miles away! Must have bee a big IP address
conflict or the Huwawei router being picked out as spyware or mainframe computer hacking!
Well praise where it is due, submitted my claim 3 weeks ago and the refund has now arrived in my bank, well done the CAA.
Just need lockdown to be over and some decent weather to take my SE flying.
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I have just logged onto the CAA Portal as I received my email stating I have been granted access to the EC Rebate section (my wife has bought me a Sky Echo 2 for Christmas) only to find I don't have access.

More over I have lost access to Flight Crew e-Exams and e-Licensing which is concerning as all of my EASA CPL passes are contained within this portal! I do have PDF documents of all of my passes but still, they better have them on the system - I'm not doing them again! :lol:

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?