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Shouldn’t type while feeding kids breakfast! I wondered why it was so low!

21,900 pa globally, ?5000? in Europe, still leads to 500-1000 absolute max in the UK.

I take more care flying than typing forum posts :oops:
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Flintstone wrote:The above notwithstanding I will fly for food, particularly bacon baps.

Don't sell yourself short, I'd stipulate at least a bacon, brie and cranberry baguette.

Ah, the difference between the JAM cafe menu and that at The Aviator .. :? .. but we can offer parking beside Meteors :wink:
If a rusty airline pilot has been laid off for a year - what has he to do in order to take command again ?

The procedure is pretty standard across the industry. It will vary if it's the same employer or a new one only in having to learn new SOP's in the latter case. Otherwise;

1. Company induction course including SOP's and Standard Emergency Procedures (Dangerous goods renewal, CRM day, Fire Drills etc)

2. Sufficient time in a simulator to apply the SOP's and renew type rating and IR. Probably around four days at three to four hours per session.

3. Sufficient line training to ensure smooth and competent performance on the line concluding with a line check. Depends on the airline but maybe 12 to 20 sectors so 6 to 10 days of flying two sectors a day.

If not type rated then a full conversion course roughly along similar lines but expanded to incorporate training on the new type. Probably three to four months from induction to line check.
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Aren't CAE another ' pilot training ' outfit?

Yup, now owned by Bombardier.

Is that new? In 2019 Bombardier sold its Business Aircraft Training arm to CAE for $645m

Ummmm.......errrrr <shuffles feet, glances sideways>......dunno. I was told Bombardier were the new owners.

I could be wrong, probably am. :D
"Covid 19: I've lost my job, should I retrain?"

People featured include 30yo CPL/ATPL, with outstanding training debt, redundant and still unemployed, not sure where to look; and 30yo cabin attendant, redundant, retrained with OU study, and now in different (non-flying) career
COPA reports that Ontario FS has large numbers completing FI refresher courses. I wonder how many are redundant CPLs who orginally got FI Rating for hour-building: ... t-20201112

CAE's 'Pilot demand outlook' to 2029; obviously, they're keen for CPL/ATPL schools to buy simulators: ... t-20201112
I have also heard that BA staff who were made redundant and who had loans outstanding with the "credit Union", had the loans repaid from their redundancy payments automatically with the result that there was no redundancy money left.

The reality of the pandemic goes much deeper into peoples lives.