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This from one of the clubs
COVID -19 update

We hope you are all safe and well.

Following the announcement from the government of a further lockdown from this Thursday we will be closing for all flying on Wednesday evening. Our offices and the hangar will remain closed until the end of the lockdown. Redhill Aerodrome management have advised us that they envisage the aerodrome being closed to all traffic except the Air Ambulance and the Police.

To contact us during the closure please e-mail or call the office number 01737 82xxxx where your call will be redirected.

Thank you for your support during this difficult time. We hope to welcome you back to Redhill in the near future.
From the Redhill Aerodrome website this evening.
Department for Transport COVID 19 General Aviation Restrictions 5 Nov - 2 Dec

AD only available to emergency services helis, commercial flying training, maintenance flights, flights supporting the national infrastructure, SAR, military and news gathering flights. (NOTAM L5136/20 refers)

RFFS downgraded to Cat A1/H1 (NOTAM L5135/20 refers).

Fixed-wing restricted to paved taxiways. (NOTAM L5025/20 refers).

AD not available to fixed-wing after sunset (NOTAM L5026/20 refers).
What are their landing fees again? :( I wouldn't rush there even at the best of times.

Up to around 100x cheaper than Gatwick next door - not to worry. ... on/charges

Good GA reliever airport for Sussex / South London in normal times. I just wished it was allowed a hard runway.
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Went there many years ago--told guy my first visit.
I asked where caff was--over there -he pointed. In my innocence walked across the grass to get there. On return he said "you shouldn"t have walked on the grass.
Thought -why didn"t you tell me as first visit.
I reckon that he was ex army-obsessed with grass.
This was posted on Facebook by Derby Aero Club on Wednesday:

In line with the just published DfT regulations, flying training and private recreational flying will have to cease from tomorrow until we reopen on the 3rd of December. If the situation changes we’ll endeavour to keep people updated. Maintenance operations will continue.

The office will remain open on weekdays for telephone & email enquiries

Stay safe everyone