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At a time of national crisis this is a totally inappropriate distraction for the hard pressed NHS. Nothing technically advanced at all with this project.Motorcycle despatch riders would be a far more efficient and certain solution...
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doesn’t 750 feet seem a bit much

Yes, and this is just the start. According to the BBC article "The trial in Essex aims to establish a network of secure air corridors for drones to navigate via GPS."

I hope someone has a plan. A 500' agl limit and mandatory EC for the drones seems somewhere to start.

IMHO the drones should also sense EC from other flying machines and avoid them/each other.
bilko2 wrote:IMHO the drones should also sense EC from other flying machines and avoid them/each other.

I would anticipate that's what will happen, although only in designated routes with restrictions. I don't envisage drones flying in open Class G and taking random avoiding action along a pre-determined route. :(
By johnm
At the moment we're pioneering so some applications e.g. inspection and photography will be ace., others will be very much in the "solution in search of a problem" class.
Do these drones 'see and avoid' PAW units or only people transmitting ADS-B........

Asking for some Betamax owners.
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CAA have chosen not show the existing airspace structure in place in their depiction - that does not help pilots to imagine what the difficulties might be, as it is proposed. :x
I am sure they would not allow sucha slip-shod approach from an ANSP proposing airspace in what is already contended to be a pinch-point for GA.
Why am I not surprised?

Does anyone know where the consultation material sent out might be found online?