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By ray5002012
Hi I'm moving to the USA next year and was wondering if anyone would or does fly there into an official port of entry and if so how much it must be reasonably priced. Thanks
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By Rob L
Ray, if you're moving there, how are you intending to go? Commercial flight? Commercial boat/ship? Private aircraft? Private boat?
Are you moving due to work (if so, your new employer should resolve that) or for private reasons?
Your question raises too many questions in return!

ps. I was WANTED once, but I've served my sentence and I'm only under the parole board now.
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By Ben Twings
Generally there is no charge to clear CBP at an airport of entry. I've used several - Calexico, Bangor, Northway.....

You just park at the designated customs area and wait for them to process you (don't be alarmed at the Geiger counter).

If you're importing an aircraft, you may have to engage an agent to do the paperwork, but nothing special for a trip to Canada, Mexico etc. Just be up to speed on EAPIS and activating flight plans. Mexican flight plans often don't make it to the US, but you can get a border crossing squawk code by pre-calling the ATCC prior to entry.
By Lefty
We really need a lot more detail before we can offer any real advice. There are so manny variables that we can’t cover them all. You need to be very specific.

Are you intending to fly your own aircraft across the pond?
Will you be transiting via Canada?
Is a permanent or temporary move (how long)?
What type of aircraft?
Is it N Reg or G Reg?
Where is your end destination?
What passport will you be travelling on?
What type of (US) visa will be in your passport when you travel?
Will there be anyone else with you?
Etc etc.

Edit, where was the aircraft manufactured?
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By Rob L
It's a spoof/spam/13-year-old kid initial post made on the same day as registration; we've had them before.

Hence my initial reply and subsequent lack of response from young Ray .
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By Charles Hunt
Ben Twings wrote:(don't be alarmed at the Geiger counter).


That rather depends on where they're putting it.