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By flyingeeza
Miscellaneous wrote:@flyingeeza that just may be the simplest and best piece of advice I've had in many a year. Providing it works. :D

I work in the hospital environment...outdoor pedestrian routes and electrical plant rooms. Believe me, when lugging my puffing torso-plus-toolbag lump between buildings in the cold wind, my damn glasses fog up very easily. I now use my glasses as a nose-clamp on the mask to stop the moisture from reaching and condensing on the icy-cold lenses.

So if a few spit molecules happen to escape the leaky bit under my stubbly chin, well tough luck on the young and invincible numpty without a mask who impolitely pushes past me! :twisted:
Cough cough..... :D

Still Covid-free despite my high-risk work environment! :thumright:
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By TLRippon
I wear a mask all day while instructing and I wear glasses. I find that when you settle down in the aircraft on a cold moist day it takes about five minutes for the problem of misting to totally disappear. I wear a disposable surgical mask as I change it after each student but I’ve also found that mask under the bottoms of the glasses works too.
To be honest, I have more trouble stopping the inside of the aircraft windows from misting at this time of year.
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