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By TheFarmer
Dunno, that’s only a by-product of why I’m doing it. But there must be benefits to engines to start up at 25 degrees compared to 0 degrees.
By Crash one
Every component in an engine is manufactured to a dimensional tolerance at (21.5deg C if I remember right). So there will be variations in dimensional shrinkage depending on the bulk of each component.
Effectively, nothing fits properly until working temp is reached.
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By TheFarmer
I just want to be able to get airborne without a 15 minute wait!

As for which bit heats up faster than the other, I’m not really that worried about that bit. :D
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By Peter Kelly
Slight thread drift (and may be too modern and high-tech for Mr Farmer) but I’m using remote switching via the internet and Moes devices for a few things around the hangar and workshop. You do of course need a working WiFi set up but it makes switching things on and off from home a piece of cake. On a really cold morning I can switch the workshop heater on before I leave home and enjoy an extra productive hour when I arrive.