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Miscellaneous wrote:The telephone number given on SD is incorrect. Can anyone point me in the direction of who I contact to advise?


According to the AIP the number is 01489 333100 or for an 'off the cuff' entry call Tain range on 122.750.
Otherwise you might try the CAA on 01293 983880.
All the '610s' are only activated by NOTAM anyway
chevvron wrote:According to the AIP the number is 01489 333100

Indeed, however that number is not available when called. Interestingly the CAA tell me it's a different number in the AIP, rather peculiar. He claims it is the number @johnm quotes above. :?

Is it possible the number above may only be used when R610 is NOTAMed active?

chevvron wrote:...or for an 'off the cuff' entry call Tain range on 122.750.

That's beyond my phone's capability? :wink:
Only a guess but maybe the number I suggested is only working when the areas are NOTAM'd active, the rest of the time the office involved in low flying stuff is deserted
@Dave W well that answers the lines only being answered if active. That aside with the level of activity at the moment I would have thought the office would have been manned even if R610 not NOTAM'd active.

@xtophe I emailed that address and had a reply within a few minutes advising they had passed it on to the correct dept for investigation. :thumright:

I spoke to Joint Warrior info yesterday, very helpful, couldn't do enough. Told me from 15.00 local there would be 1 Hawk in the area, from 15.30 there would be 12 aircraft, all very low level and high energy. He offered to give me more detail of the activity if I was plannig to fly at that time. Told him no need, I'll have my ass back on the ground by then. :lol:

Shame really becasue it was absolutely mind boggling. Same today. You'd think I'd get used to it. :D

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