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By Fellsteruk
Hi all

Considering upgrading my 10-13.4 for a set of A20,s and the DC equivalent was also suggested.

Price wise about the same and I suspect both will be a step/leap up from what I have now but I’m keen to hear if anyone has any practical advice or comments from using the one x no shortage of fans for the A20 but the one x doesn’t seems as popular, is that due to the product and how good it is or just Bose snobbery :)

Interested in any thoughts or comments before I order one or the other.

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By Rob P
I wonder why Lightspeed hasn't been included? It's the more natural alternative to Bose.

Rob P
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By defcribed
Lightspeed every time.

I've tried the various Bose and Lightspeed offerings and can't detect any difference in performance.

Not only are Lightspeed cheaper but they're everything I like in a company. The one time I had a little issue with functionality I made a phone call and got straight through to someone in the US who knew the product inside out, understood exactly what I was getting at and just generally couldn't have been more helpful.

Bose are the complete opposite. They said they had stock when they didn't, took my money and left me waiting for a fortnight, and trying to get in touch with them was a run-around of far-east call centre operatives who knew nothing about the product (as in weren't even aware they did aviation headsets) or stock availability. Cancelled the order in the end. I also don't like their corporate line of not publishing specifications and claiming their products are better in ways that cannot be measured.
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By PaulSS
I fly with the DC One X and have only good things to say about them. They are quite a lot cheaper than their Bose competition as well :D

I flight-tested the Bose and DC One X. The reason I didn't do the same with the Lightspeed Zulu is because they told me the microphone was not able to rotate through 180 degrees and was only on the left side. If I'm in the right seat I don't want the microphone on the left (I don't really care who thinks I'm a fussy so 'n' so). I really have no idea if this is true but I did ask it directly of the factory, so took it to be true and dismissed them as a result.

Between the Bose and the DC headsets I thought the Bose had a very, very slightly better ANR but certainly not anything that would be noticed in a Rotax-powered machine. I was testing them in a 200hp RV4 and a 180hp RV8, so think I was fair in my testing in relatively high noise levels. In a Cessna/Piper I wouldn't expect to notice much difference either.

What lead me to the DCs was (a)a much better build quality. The Bose just felt plasticky, whereas the DCs components are (lightweight) metal and I believe are more robust (b)I didn't like the fold-in-half headband on the Bose. I think it does a good job of preventing clamping but it's another point of failure and I felt no difference between the clamping forces of the two headsets (c)I definitely do NOT like having half a sheep atop my swede as the Bose headband. The DCs have a synthetic headband that adjusts to the temperature of your head, preventing it getting hot in the summer and cold in the winter (d)I cannot abide the way the Bose microphone bends down from the headset and then bends up towards you mouth, instead of just coming straight from the side (e)I don't want to have to break out a tool kit every time I want to move the microphone from the left side to the right side (see Lightspeed problem). With the DCs I just rotate it 180 degrees.

The Bose does have the advantage of the 3.5mm Aux input and this was one of the main reasons I looked at them. At the time I was thinking of routing my Pilot Aware audio through them but then Tim got verbal traffic on SkyDemon and I just use Bluetooth to my headset from my iPad, so problem solved.

I'm glad I made the decision I did and have no regrets. The headsets work very well indeed in my machine and I stand by all my original reasons from not going for the more expensive Bose.
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By PA28
Have only used the DC-one for a couple of hours and it was comfortable, great clear audio and lightweight just like the A20. I have used my A20 for about 700hrs and it has been great. It is more robust than the Bose-X which it replaces. Don't forget to carry a couple of spare AA batteries in case yours go flat.
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By Fellsteruk
Thanks guys. I may do the anc upgrade on my DC but as I only have one headset and the school not lending headsets at the moment I don’t want to be without on and stuck not flying but I’m defo gonna upgrade them as a good 2nd pair once I get the bode, dc or light speed.

Pooleys don’t allow the 5% on Bose wonder if they do for others... will have to play.
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By matthew_w100
PeteSpencer wrote:Don't forget forumite Richard Holder of this parish

He's done two of my 13.4s
Excellent service: cheaper than Bose, or DC's own ANR equivalent!

My DC 10-60 too, but in retrospect I preferred that passive. It probably makes more of an improvement to a 13.4.
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By Trent772
Always used DC... The Indian Bose headsets never thrilled me - always a pain at work, attenuation and compatibility problems and they were constantly breaking.

Agree on the Lightspeed - pants - no either way on the microphone :roll:

Currently have DC One X and very happy as are the people I fly with who use them. Comfortable, quiet, no pinching, lightweight and robust.
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By TLRippon
I've always used Bose, I have 4 pairs.

Tried all the others and they are light years ahead.

Unlike some, I've never had a problem with the call centre, generally I seem to be speaking to someone in Holland. If they do have an issue, usually damage, they have been sent off on the fixed price repair scheme and they have come back fully refurbished like new in a couple of weeks.

Comfortable and quiet, good bluetooth functionality, never misses a beat.
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