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By Duo802
IainD wrote:
TheFarmer wrote:Cue the vegans onslaught :lol:

You’ll have them lined up in their hessian dungarees, with their smelly quinoa breath, doing a protest outside your hangar if you’re not careful! :D

Mice do seem particularly bad this autumn

I think one is dead somwhere in my car as there is an awful smell :( I blame all the maize and barley grown this all you can eat buffet for mice ,rats ,pigeons ,dear etc :)

Suggest not using rat poison!

A few years ago, we had mice problems in our glider hangar. One of the syndicate put down poison, but then the little buggers took it, and then crawled into the glider, where they duly died! We only discovered this when there was a bad smell in the glider, and on further investigation, we found a family of decomposing dead mice when we removed the gaiter round the stick in the rear cockpit. Not a pleasant job cleaning it out!

Since then, we've used one of these sonic thingys and we haven't had any further mouse invasions.
By chevvron
Fer chrissake get a cat in your hangar! :guns:
Mostly gone now but all the original hangars at Farnborough had catflaps, at least 4 per end, to allow local moggies access to feast on the rodents.
By Crash one
cockney steve wrote:@Crash one Isn't that called "overkill" ? :P

Better than underkill. :D

It’s not as lethal as it looks. PCP air rifle sub 12lbs muzzle energy, ten peanuts out of ten pellets at 25 yds.