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By Rob P
The important bit >

He recalled that the power returned briefly then reduced again but he
decided to close the throttle and treat the engine as completely failed.

Rob P
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By akg1486
This mirrors an accident at our airfield several years ago with a DA-20 operated by our neighbour the commercial flying school. A student pilot lost power after takeoff on his first solo. He turned a few degrees to the left and landed on the horse racing track conveniently located there: almost no damage to the aircraft except from a fencepost penetrating the cowling.

Well done: I go over in my mind what to do in case of failure before every takeoff, but I'm not 100% confident that I could execute it so well.
By Ibra
Gertie wrote:"This report considers why this incident resulted in a good outcome when many previous similar events have resulted in fatal accidents."

Just drive it straight ahead into wind, even in a ditch or hedge, as long as you are the one picking the landing spot, you will always walk-away even against a wall, at worst the aircraft may need some repairs or take the hit for you

If one believe they really need a fancy 180 turn back to the runway to stay alive, then better takeoff with tailwind at least it will make a return to the runway more friendly :thumleft: