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Excellent news and very well deserved. Skydemon is an example of the best in British Inventive thinking that has revolutionised the way we fly.
AS for GPS units; we started with a Trimble Transpak before defecting to Garmin and owned all their portable units (three of the little ones so we could have all the databases at once). Made life so much easier.
By TopCat
Really pleased to hear this news. Having used no computer planning tools or airborne GPS for my first 25 years of flying, I was an instant convert to SkyDemon when I started using it about 3 years ago. Putting the tablet on charge the night before is now the first part of all my flight prep.

Really glad Tim's got this recognition.
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Congratulations Tim, fantastic that your endeavours have been recognised. I shall honour the occasion by using Skydemon tomorrow (although I would have done anyway as it is, as we know, the most fantastic bit of kit).
Congratulations Tim and so richly deserved.
Sky Demon is by far the single most significant improvement to aviation navigation (and therefore safety) in the last 50 years, and at a price affordable to everyone.
I thought it couldn't get any better but It continues to regularly improve.
Well done Tim.
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By Nick
Yes congratulations Tim on your OBE.
And also to the rest of your team for helping you get there!
It's not called The O.B.E. for nothing...(Other Buggers Efforts) :wink: And I'm not intending to take anything away from the award.
Well done Tim.

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By Rob P
My Pilot 111 got the Shiny Colt to Italy and back three times. When last seen it was doing sterling duty with Old Warden based Magister and Storch.

Being tiny of screen and mono there was one incident where I spent a good five minutes flying neatly along an FIR boundary in the middle of France believing I was following the (mono) magenta line.

Rob P
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