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Confirmed by the CEO, Nicky van der Drift who has worked tirelessly to keep the Centre going and winning awards. Great news :D ! We can surface and snatch a breath of air......

But it is only a 'tide you over' - what usually happens is that when a grant announcement like this is made, public donations fall off a cliff, but it's that public generosity - as so ably demonstrated here - that keeps the cash-flow going.

Thanks again for the support given on these pages and for bearing with me on behalf of the IBCC.
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Delighted to report that the Crowdfunding initiative has this morning passed the £40k Stretch Target with 4 days left to run. This magnificent response, together with the Government grant announced last week should see the IBCC through to next spring when - hopefully - visiting and therefore footfall (=trading) might return to something approaching normal.

Thanks again for the words of support and to those of you who donated. For those that thought they might, but haven't yet, please remember that there are another 2 phases of the Walls of Names to fund and progress!

PS. Oakworth - you have a PM!
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