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Apologies for bringing this subject up once again but some of you will know of my passion for, and support of the International Bomber Command Centre (IBCC); I act as a Tour Guide and general Volunteer at the Centre. I feel it’s least I can do to promote the remembrance of the 57,861 Bomber Command personnel who lost their lives during WWII and who received scant recognition for their courage, fortitude and steadfastness in the face of daunting odds for survival (in the case of the aircrew) and diabolical conditions for most of the supporting staff.

Having only opened to the public in late January 2018, the IBCC – which is a charity and receives no direct government support - was performing satisfactorily against financial projections and our trustees ‘steered the ship’ with an admirable degree of propriety, with a much higher footfall being experienced in the first year against anticipated numbers. Excellent public reaction and being rated “No 1 of 82 things to do in Lincoln” on Trip Advisor also helped. And if you don’t believe that the Centre is doing what it was set up to do, take a minute or 2 to read the Trip Advisor and Google reviews.

Then came the pandemic. The IBCC re-opened its doors on Tuesday, 21 July 2020 after an enforced closure of some 4½ months, due solely to COVID-19 restrictions.

The Centre has lost 90% of its income over the recent period, bookings for coach tours and ‘high income’ events for the summer period have had to be cancelled; 70% of the IBCC’s bookings from re-opening to the end of November have also had to be cancelled because they involved groups (coaches, schools and hospitality). In sum, the IBCC has lost its main, summer, income stream and a coach and horses have been driven through the finance spreadsheets. Having been open for only 2 and a half years, there hasn’t been time for the Centre to build-up sufficient fiscal reserves to weather such a financial catastrophe.

THE CENTRE IS IN REAL DANGER OF HAVING TO CLOSE. On current predictions the money runs out in January. :(

So, yes, this is a plea to all those with an interest in history and heritage and courage. Please find time to visit the website linked above and hopefully make a (gift aided!) donation. You can donate on-line at the Centre’s website (preferred option – Gift Aiding your donation is a doddle on the website), you can send a cheque made payable to ‘The Lincoln Bomber Command Memorial (LBCM)’ (the charity’s registered name - as opposed to IBCC) to the ‘Contact Address’ on the website or you can help promote our Crowdfunding Option which has the benefit of generating a ‘head of steam’ and awareness to the General Public; you can also lodge a message of support on this platform too.

Whatever you do – please send something; most of us could forego the cost of a couple of High Street coffees. The near 58,000 Bomber Command personnel remembered at the IBCC deserve better than for the Centre to close ignominiously after only 3 years, due to no fault of its own.

Please also cascade this message down your various networks to increase the distribution ‘net’.

Thank you – the IBCC Staff, volunteers and 58,000 souls are counting on YOUR support to keep their stories and legacy alive. :thumleft:

(I've posted this on the GA forum, because of its likely wider audience; if the mods disagree please move it to a more appropriate forum that they deem fit)
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Thanks Terry - much appreciated! :thumright:

I've noticed a distinct spike in donations on the Crowdfunding platform since midday ie from just after I posted. It's now 'cracked' £24,000. I'm thinking that's possibly due to You Lot!

If so, blessings to you all. :D

Someone left the highly apposite comment:

"Brave men from all across the world. This is to remember them and the children who grew up without a father."

(actually, 99 women are remembered on the Walls of Names, too. But I don't want to go down the PC rabbit hole! This is too important)
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Me, I'm in York. But the IBCC is at Canwick Hill, south side of Lincoln, not far from RAF Waddington. Click on the hyperlink (no, it's not a scam/spam link!) in line 2 of my original post that will take you to the website with all the details of what the IBCC is about; it's not simply a memorial (however, a 'museum' it is not!) but an interactive, immersive, experience and home to a growing digital archive of veterans' memoirs, history and repository of a database of Bomber Command's total losses. Please check it out. I hope you are intrigued enough to visit!
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Bump up.

Crowdfunding up to £28k now - again, many thanks to all who've contributed. But donation rates are slipping behind that required to make the target. The objective is to get to the end of March next year when - hopefully - previous visiting/trading norms will return.

Can I ask patrons to disseminate this 'mayday' deeper/further into their social/business networks? Every little helps as they say.
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I hope what you say is true; nothing heard on the Centre's formal communication lines thus far, but I've seen the piece on the Lincolnshire Live site. However, Government grants of this nature usually come with strings attached!

Nonetheless, it IS potentially good news! Yay! :thumleft:

Once again, to all those on here that responded so quickly and generously following my plea, can I offer my genuine and heartfelt thanks to you all. If you haven't already, please visit!

THANK YOU doesn't seem enough - but it's all I can offer on this platform. :D