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Urban myth in Bracknell, Berkshire is that a German Messerschmitt crashed at Easthampstead during World War Two, but no-one has any details of the incident.

I am aware of the Junker bomber which dropped a stick of bombs down the main drive of Easthampstead Park in 1941 but don't know if this was the same incident.

I have also researched the two crashes involving British planes in the area but have drawn a blank on the German one. Is anyone able to supply any information or point me in the right direction for further research please?

Andrew, History Officer, The Bracknell Forest Society
I have a superb 12 volume set of books which provide a comprehensive record of WW2 Luftwaffe crashes in the UK.

I am away from my books for a couple of days but will look on my return. If I haven't replied over the weekend, and nobody else has delivered an answer, prompt me by posting here again.