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Wow. :shock:

ORAC on PPRuNe wrote:Don't know if you guys have seen this going around, but California National Guard aviators let their big brass ones hang out on this one.

Two aircrews, a Blackhawk and a Chinook Flew at night with NODs through high winds with burning embers, heavy smoke and difficult terrain to rescue over 200 people completely cut off and trapped by fire with it closing in on them last night. They made multiple trips to get everyone out. CalFire waived them off and warned them do not go because the conditions were too dangerous. They said **** that and went anyway.

Second pic is view from the chinook cockpit on the ground while loading first group of people.

Our hats are off to the pilots and crew. I hope they are able to get you guys wheelbarrows big enough for your cajones.



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NY Times article with background.
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The Vans Aircraft site in Aurora has been closed by the fires for some days, and several of their employees' homes have been threatened. :(

In better news, though, all 7 members of both helicopter crews were awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross by POTUS in person yesterday.