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By Dave W
Via BWPA, this is pretty cool:

Meet Ashli Blain - a 19-year old - flying a CH-47D Chinook fire-fighting chopper for Billings Flying Service - keyword being fire-fighting. I mean there is flying, and there is fire-fighting flying - No one gets into fire-fighting for the fun or glamor of it - one needs passion, loads of commitment and understanding of the risks involved. Then there is flying and helicopter flying. She got type-rated on UH-60A Utility Hawks last year when she was 18, and probably got her flying license before that - and this year she is flying a Chinook no less. Looking at other 19-year olds and looking at her - I appreciate the maturity she has got at this age to pilot the mighty Chinook into a fire, and her parents for supporting her career. She can be a role-model to so many other folks in these times irrespective of age, and gender to follow their passion - Hats off!!
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