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By patsr22
Any comments about which is best for a Berlin proposed trip, EDAY Strausberg or EDAZ Schoenhagen, neither has any negative views that I can find!
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By skydriller
I know Strausberg is the opposite side of Berlin for a UK arrival, but unless you are hiring a car, it is by far the cheapest and easiest public transport route to the city center of the two.

Such a shame Tegel is not going to be kept open for GA use.

Regards, SD..
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By Flyin'Dutch'
Not been to either (last visit was Tempelhof 2008) but both have stands at FDH every year and seem attractive options, one runs a shuttle into town and the other is close to public transport.

I would not hire a car to go into Berlin; its like a lump on your leg.
By johnp
Strausberg 3 weeks ago. Pleasant, helpful and you can get hangarage if required.
We cleared Customs at Paderborn on the way in and refuelled there.
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By gaxor
When we flew to Berlin a few years ago, we landed at EDAZ. They had a minibus that ferried people to the S-Bahn station about 5 mins away
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By ivor.phillips
I used shoenhagan EDAZ a couple of year back and found it excellent, we hired a car for a few days on the airfield but they also do a shuttle service to the mainline station,
Fuel was reasonably priced likewise landing fee,
By Fellsteruk
Unable to comment on Tegel from a GA pov but I’ve flown in commercially and it’s the pits, felt like cattle in makeshift hangers.

But it got me into Berlin which is an amazing city.
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By 2Donkeys
Another vote for Schönhagen. In addition to all that's been said before, very useful RNP approach onto 25 if you're into that kind of thing. Just 2 hours PPR required to arrange customs clearance for direct flights from outside Schengen. Also worth noting that a taxi into the centre of Berlin might well be worth it if you are a larger group. The tipping point is around 4 or 5 people - at which point the €90-100 taxi fare is actually cheaper than the shuttle/S-Bahn combination.
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By skydriller
Fellsteruk wrote:Unable to comment on Tegel from a GA pov but I’ve flown in commercially and it’s the pits, felt like cattle in makeshift hangers.
But it got me into Berlin which is an amazing city.

That will be because you flew LoCo.... (Same experience flying to Bordeaux LoCo) ... The "real" Terminals with easy access, lounges and facilities are certainly not hangars... :wink:
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By Dyslexnick
Another vote for Strausberg from me , we visited last year and they put the aircraft in a hangar with a rotating floor !(we stayed 3 nights)
10 minute minibus ride to the station (they also sell you the train tickets at the airfield)
Train into Berlin approx 35 mins
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By Mark W
Visited Schönhagen EDAZ at the end of August and had a pleasant experience.

Just be aware that IFR arrivals and departures now require approval from Bremen flow control on the day of the flight. The phone number is in the NOTAM.
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By akg1486
Only visited EDAY, but I've been there several times and I'm a very happy customer. S-Bahn within easy walking distance (with luck you get a ride) and you're in Alexanderplatz in some 45 minutes. The airport sells you S-Bahn tickets. Judging from the notes in Skydemon and the comments in this thread, EDAZ looks very similar. It's made me put EDAZ as a potential stop for next summer's trip (if there will be trips in 2021).

The direction of travel and exactly where in Berlin you want to go may be the decider.
By patsr22
Completed trip last week, EDAY lived up to all the praise, they sorted out hotel in Alexanderplatz, which was perfect for a tourist visit, supplied train tickets and gave us a lift to the nearby station. Our return was through the Berlin City VFR, which was great to see most of the places which had visited over the past few days from above. We used Munster as our customs stop which was easy and a reasonably €35, a great trip and will repeat hopefully another time.
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