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jrp wrote:And your point is?

Only seeking to provide some extra detail, which may interest some Forumites who know or are members there.
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Very sad.

Ken was, indeed, a super chap and an accomplished glider pilot. He made an open and long-standing offer to any of the club members; so long as you paid the launch fee (all of about eight quid I seem to recall) he'd take you on a triangular cross-country in his ASH 25 and show you how to do it.

I took him up on his offer (as did what must have been hundreds of others over the years) and learnt a huge amount about the 'tricks of the trade' of successful cross country gliding.

A very sad loss. He died doing what he loved. Fair-winds Ken.
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Non-adherence to sensible SOPs lead to avoidable fatal accident, the experienced passenger and safety-pilot was lucky to survive.

The list of dominoes which could have been stopped is evident in the report.

But if there is one lesson in here for all of us to learn is that you need to speak up clearly, unequivocal clear language, determine who does what and who has which role in the cockpit, before you set off and save for an emergency execute that plan.