Primarily for general aviation discussion, but other aviation topics are also welcome.
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By Boxkite
Seller number 1, by phone (microlight seller just 'upgraded' to a Cessna, so fresh from training and additional exams).
Me: Can you tell me what airspeeds you get, and with what RPM?
Him: Oh, I don't know, I don't go by that, I just use the GPS speed, that's what tells me how quick I am getting there anyway. Maybe 80-100mph.
Me: Oh, :roll: , and what RPM do you cruise at to achieve that?
Him: Not sure, but the airspeed I had the other day on my way back was 100mph with wind behind me....
Me: Thanks.....bye.

Seller number 2, by text (Sold with 8.33 radio and built 2015/2016)
Me: Hello, which model of 8.33 radio do you have and why does the CAA site say it was built in 2004?
Him: Reg cert says 2005, Radio is Icom.
Me: What model of Icom? The one in the photo is not 8.33. Also if reg cert says 2005 why does your advert say built 2015/16?
Him: Picture is old, there is a new radio about 1 year old. Builder finished it in 2006.
Me: Please answer my question; why does your advert say built 2015/16?
Him: I had to enter the age in Afors, put in 15 years old, found Afors difficult, will change.
(There is no such feature in Afors, the date "2015/16" was between manually entered text).

Seller number 3, by text. (advert has no pictures and very little info)
Me: Hello, did you sell your aircraft?
Next morning:
Him: No not yet
Me: Can you tell me more about it?
2 days later:
Me: Do you want to sell it?
3 days later:
Him: No I going to keep it (sic)
By ChrisRowland
Not edifying but how much time did this take?
#1 you probably spent more time waiting for the phone to be answered but probably less than a minute.
#2 maybe two minutes typing questions and reading answers.
#3 1 miunte tops. (But you already knew this was a no hoper).

I guess you 'wasted' 5 minutes.
If you want professional sellers go to the professional sellers.

Non professional sellers will be like this, and if you want to get a bargain from someone who doesn't realise the value of what they have you may need to take the time convincing them that they are getting a good deal.
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By Elecy
TheFarmer wrote:@Boxkite

What are you looking to buy?

He’s not - he’s wasting time. :lol:

@Boxkite Only joking, couldn’t resist. Good luck in your search!

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By Flintstone

It's a funny old site that has produced the occasional pearl when I've been hunting for things and I've managed to sell two aircraft over the years to thoroughly nice people (in case they're reading this :D ).

I have though dealt with a fair few wasters and the standard of some ads is an insult to one's intelligence, those are hardly the site's fault though.

Having used it for free for almost a decade I thought it only fair to validate my account as a way of slipping Alex a tenner toward his running costs. Since I did that I can no longer follow links from other sites/search engines etc to an AFORS ad, I just get a black screen. I'm sure it's only a coincidence but it does remind me of the rather clunky nature of the place.
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By Dodo
I have bought three, and sold two aircraft on AFORS over the years and the interface is somewhat idiosyncratic. It sometimes takes a few attempts to get the adverts and pictures correct when you first post an advert.

I like the site though and spend too much time window shopping.
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lobstaboy wrote:
JAFO wrote:Well, that's as much information as I need.

Where should I send the cheque?

G BYZR according to a quick bit of detective work with G INFO -addresses in Matlock and Retford for group trustees.
Must be a share for sale

Must be a share for sale by someone who doesn't want to sell his/her share. I am truly impressed by your detective work from just the type of aircraft and a price.
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