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Hoping to take my 5 year old daughter out for the day in the shareoplane next week and am looking for suggestions on where to go. She has flown a number of times before including landing away, though previously with mum in tow as well. She recently flew with just me (no other adult) for the first time, just a 25 minute local, quite happily - but this will be the first landaway with just the two of us.

Looking for somewhere about 30 minutes easy flying from Rochester (at PA28 speeds), with nice views en-route and something to do at the other end for her. Sandown, Solent, etc a bit too far for our first jaunt together, she's very good but I want to build her up gently and not put her off! Also want a straightforward flight, although she is very good at staying quiet when told etc she will naturally be an added distraction/stress for me especially until we're both a bit more used to flying together without another adult.

Current plan is Shoreham - it's about 30 minutes, no tricky airspace to get through, nice views, and I believe you can walk to the seaside for an ice cream? Any other ideas, or any tips for Shoreham (not been there myself)?

PS. No pressure, but if I can get her enthusiastic about flying with me leaving mum to chill at home it will suddenly become a whole lot easier to find time for flying in the domestic timetable! :lol:
Good shout actually, I'd forgotten about Clacton. Come to think of it I hear from other group members that the fish and chips are good there! To be honest though I'm a bit put off by the short runway - maybe one to do solo first.

timjenner wrote:Good shout actually, I'd forgotten about Clacton. ... To be honest though I'm a bit put off by the short runway...

I did some short field practice circuits on grass at my home field a few days before going to Clacton. Where I had radio troubles[#], but no problem with the runway length.

[#] The ground operator couldn't hear me, but someone else in the circuit relayed.
She does like Duxford - is the museum fully open now? Maybe a good second or third jaunt but I think a bit far for the first time if planning to go round the Stansted zone and a bit too much for me to concentrate on if going through!

Thanks for the thoughts - keep them coming!
Duxford airside open for fuel, PPR as Normal.

IWM due open 1.8.20 but very much reduced facilities: Armoury restaurant open but no seating inside and v. limited menu. Other food outlets not open till Sept show.

IWM site is Card only no cash: Pay landing fee and fuel at bowser.

Hangars 2 & 5 closed. Play lancaster closed.

Masks inside mandatory

Most airliners closed except Concorde and possibly York: Strictly numbers limited: with breaks for sanitisation: there was some talk of slot booking to avoid queues but not sure if that's happening.

A sobering experience

Prolly best to ring IWM as well as Tower PPR , in case yesterday’s announcements have put the Kybosh on the whole shebang

Peter :(
What about Southend? Southend ATC are brilliant, gave me a straight in approach (with Airbus on my pressure then!) Its easy to find and a quick nip over the water from Rochester.

Take a bus or taxi into Sarfend and the seafront, then theres PeterPans playground by the pier, the pier itself (if they have the trains running post Covid...mile 1/4 may be too much for a 5 year old to walk?) and of course the most wonderful ice cream in the world, Rossis! (I am from Leigh on Sea, so know grew up on Rossis! :lol: )
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I was also going to suggest clacton-----you don"t need to go into main town,(in fact-not good ioea)
As you leave club--turn left-at around 200 metres turn right (first main road) walk -in straight line--you will arrive at -usually-uncrowded pleasant curved sandy beach---about 10 mins walk from club.
Probably best to fly in when wind down runway--if your PA28 is a 180 you"ll have no problem==not so sure with a 140 on a hot day.
Fright Level wrote:I walked from the airport to beach and back in Shoreham last week. OK for grown up legs but too far for little 5 year old, unless you take the pushchair with you.

Where abouts did you go and how far was it? My daughter is almost 6 and can walk a decent distance when the mood takes her - but is also getting too heavy for me to carry when it doesn't! Looks like it's about a mile to the closest bit of beach but not sure where the nearest ice cream emporium would be?