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I'm having dual G5 fit done shorly to replace the vacuum AH and DI/HSI, the setup requires the use of a GPS antenna feeding into the AH, so is it possible/practical to use the RS232 output to feed the TT31? bearing in mind it already feeds into the HSI. Not much info in the Garmin install manual about this. Any advise appreciated.
I tried it and I couldn't get the Trig to recognise the GPS from the G5.
The Garmin radio attached to the same RS232 wires could (to show nearest stations) but the Trig just showed blank, in any of the listed protocols.
I messaged Trig before buying the combination and they said it hadn't been tested but thought it would work.

Possible I wired something wrong so if you get it working let me know which settings! It wasn't a big priority ( and needed more paperwork) so I went onto other things.
Is this not covered by the CS-STAN relaxation?

Or, on second thoughts, perhaps that's only for uncertified GPS sources.

On third thoughts, maybe not? See CS-STAN "Standard Change CS-SC005a - INSTALLATION OF AN ADS-B OUT SYSTEM COMBINED WITH A TRANSPONDER SYSTEM" and Configuration 1 or Configuration 2:

CS-STAN wrote:Configuration 1: an ADS-B OUT system that conforms to AMC 20-244

Configuration 2: an ADS-B OUT system with an ETSO-C199() GNSS position source;
Dave W wrote:I edited my post after some Googleage, so we crossed, but have a look: CS-STAN seems more flexible than that.

Thanks Dave, it would appear from this I can use this arrangement, configuration 3 suggests that provided the system reports the lowest quality (e.g. SIL = 0 and SDA = 0, NACp = 0). it's ok.

As is normal though with anything like this you'd be a brave man to interpret all the gobble-de-gook in the way I have and offer any type of guarantee of compliance. :?
Gas Guzzler wrote:
GrahamB wrote:Does the G5 STC permit such an arrangement?

The system interconnect options given in the certified installation manual don’t seem to include it.

No, not specifically permitted by the STC

I would go further than that and say it’s expressly forbidden.

Section 2.1 Installation Limitations states:
is only approved to interface with aircraft systems specified in this manual