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By Hangar16
I’m interested to see you are using the reolink in a steel clad hangar, since my hangar is steel clad, including the doors. I’ve been thinking of getting one but as far as I can tell there’s no provision for an external antenna. Because of this I’m waiting (and waiting, and waiting) for the Reolink GoPT to be released in the UK which looks to have an external antenna, as well as pan and tilt.

However, if you say it works ok inside the hangar I might try the Go.

I have a Spypoint micro. The 4G transmission works very well for alerts, but the inability to view real-time is a weakness.

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By Marvin
I’ve run the Reolink 4G for a year now with a Vodafone sim.

It’s in the hangar eaves surrounded by metal and not had any problems connecting.

Battery is fairly chunky and with the solar panel I’ve never seen the capacity drop below 98% even in the depths of winter.

Night vision is good, black and white obviously, in a hangar space size of aircraft.

Sends an email if disturbed with attached photograph as well as records to memory card which you can easily access remotely to review. It will load video clip to an FTP server if you have one. Still waiting for the Reolink recording service to roll out to UK.

I have lots of pictures of moths and bats, insect variety, that manage to trigger the sensor.
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By Hangar16
Thanks Marvin, that's useful.

Our airfield has a cellular mast about 1 mile away so I guess if a 4G camera is going to work anywhere it's here. I think I now know what I'm going to be doing later today.

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By PaulSS
I, too, have the Reolink Go and use the Vodaphone £4/month SIM card that came with it. Mine is inside a steel hangar and works very well. It uses 4G, so it’s easy to see what sort of signal you’ll get by looking at the bars on your phone. They are still phaffing around with getting Cloud storage in the UK but the alerts etc work well and I think the night vision is pretty good as well. So far my battery has remained at 100% using the solar panel and nothing else.
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By Trent772
Hikvision can be set up to ping you when triggered but they have to be on a network of some kind so more of a problem.
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By PeteSpencer
Can the reolink be 'desensitised' to avoid bat/bird/insect triggers?

Our home burglar alarms are desensitised not to trigger by pets etc.

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By PaulSS
Snug as a bug :D

I've biased my camera so it can see the entrance door and most of the hangar roller doors. This way I hope to be able to spot the Rotax thieves and their oxy torch (for cutting into the steel hangar) :wink:

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By Charliesixtysix
This raises again the tricky question of what to do with the knowledge of an intrusion?

Two courses of action spring to mind:
Option 1 - Ring Police
Option 2 - Go and investigate yourself.

Option 1 will likely result in the engine having left the scene before anyone gets to it.

Option 2 risks you going out half asleep and having had to decide on a course of action within seconds of the alarm sounding. Quite possibly this will result in you finding yourself up against several people who have scant regard for the law, havIng planned their illegal activity hours ahead and who are prepared to use violence if necessary (or maybe even if not necessary).

Neither option is great but, of the two, only ringing the police is worth considering if you are alone ( and not prepared to respond to violence in equal measure if encountered).
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By Charliesixtysix
My next door neighbour did that the other week when he found a bunch lads on stolen Quads on his land - they set about his truck with crowbars and near enough wrote it off as he revised his plan from 'let 'em have it' to 'run away'.

He wasn't wearing his TMNT outfit though, I'll suggest he tries that as a backup next time... :wink:
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By Miscellaneous
TheFarmer wrote:Seriously, I’d just destroy their car with mine so they couldn’t escape except on foot.

From the stories of encounters you have had with plod over such matters I'd guess your luck would run to the morning headline being; 'lunatic farmer charged with wilful criminal damage was detained until court appearance a fortnight on Tuesday'. :wink: