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By Lockhaven
kanga wrote:
NDB_hold wrote:I note MLS has been removed from CAP413. Are there in fact any left?

QDMs ?
Do UK military still teach QGHs ?
[Radio Ranges ? :wink: ]

I think they still use the 1 in 1 VDF and QGH procedure.
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By adamkpplir
Thanks for your replies, everyone! I will definitely look at that recent CAP 413 update in preparation for when the phraseology kicks in.

NDB_hold wrote:I refer the honourable gentlemen to the latest update to CAP413.

('RNP approach...')

I have never been referred to as an honourable gentleman before. Thank you, I feel honoured!

Myself and a few others jointly pay for a subscription to Jepp View too, so I am assuming that the charts on there will update the wording (approach names) when they come in.

Adam. :thumleft:
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By GrahamB
Sorry to disappoint, but there isn’t a recent update to CAP413 that references the change of RNAV to RNP nomenclature.

It was changes to CAP797, the AFIS manual, which were recently notified. I believe UK AIP plates will start being renamed from September onwards, so I’d expect changes to CAP413 to be aligned with that.
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By GrahamB
NDB_hold wrote:I think it was an amendment not a reissue.

Edition 23 (Corrected) is the latest version, effective from 17/8/20.

It still refers to RNAV(GNSS) approaches.
Lockhaven wrote:
johnm wrote:Check the plate it will describe the approach as either RNAV or RNP and as time goes by non-precision will be RNAV and precision will RNP

Or 2D and 3D approaches :thumright:

Two donkeys approaches? Blimey he gets everywhere!
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