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By T18
Hi All

I have just renewed my aircraft with Visicover, ground cover only due to awaiting engine repairs and note on the policy that I am covered for up to five hours flight time for the purpose of flight testing or demonstration for a very modest sum. Completed easily online - no fuss.

Visicover certainly has my vote.

Keep safe,
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By Stu B
I think having a limited amount of flight cover for certain very specific purposes is standard with ground risks cover - I think I had 15hr for test flights, sales demonstrations, going to maintenance, etc. I *think* though, the scope of the cover during such flights was less than for "normal" insured flying - may only have been in effect "third party" cover only.
By T18
Hi Iceman

No other quotes sought as the cost was so low to be not worth my time being spent on investigation.
I have been with Visicover for many years and normally would have a comparison at renewal, but this time the figure was so low . Simples.
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By Iceman
Ground risks tend to be fairly flat-rate across the board whereas my experience is that flying insurance is where you see great differences. I had been with Visicover for many years for the TB but renewed flying insurance with another provider recently at less than 60% of Visicover’s quote.

Iceman 8)
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By PeteSpencer
I’m probably the most brand-loyal pushover on this planet, but for this year’s (flying) insurance one company provided such a massive reduction in premium over all others that our 15 + year relationship with our insurance company came to an end

( neither were Visicover)

By Big Dex
My Trafford’s renewal just came in at 150% of last years premium, with no material change of circumstance. Visicover were within a few £ of what I paid last year, and got my business.
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By TheFarmer
at less than 60% of Visicover’s quote.

Go on then....spill the beans. :thumright:
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By Iceman
In fact, it was 51% with a quote from Visicover of £3206, and a quote from FlyCovered of £1638.67.

Iceman 8)
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By MikeB
Typically, Visicover quote around £50 less than Traffs for my Pioneer but we have always stuck with Traffs.

This year, Traffs were £200 less than Visicover. First time I've seen it that way round.
By Shoestring Flyer
I got a quote from FlyCovered and they wanted £287 more than Visicover who I have been with for the last 5years.
Given up gettting quotes from Traffords they just want silly money or sometimes refuse to quote.
You know what they"re like when you need to make a claim.
Happy with HAYWARDS who were fine when one of our (now ex ) members managed a prang.
Some companies seem to want to know the colour of your socks.
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By CloudHound
The renewal from A&T on my Stinson was 400% higher than last year so I was on the brink of going with Fly Covered who quote was about on par with last years premium.

However, A&T managed to get a large refund of premium as the a/c had not flown for 11 of the previous 12 months bringing the new net figure to nearly par.

As a former trainee insurance broker (failed) I adhere to the old adage about loyalty (we used to go on cover for millions on a phone call) so decided to stick with them another year.