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By neilmurg
Paul_Sengupta wrote:What we need now are a network of coastal stations with big yagis transmitting out over the sea so we can get the METARs from some way out!
after Scottish independence it won't be legal to eat yagis..
, tin foil hat, coat
AND, why not:
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By kanga
neilmurg wrote:..

.. but we'd then have to equip our aircraft like those of 192 Sqn in WW2 to catch the emissions ... rld_War_II


[.. whose aircraft were not meant to be photographed, but might be after a mishap


:? ]
By chevvron
CloudHound wrote:I wonder if using the RAF station colours Blue open, Black closed etc might work?

UK colour state 'black' has nothing to do with weather; the lowest weather colour state is 'red' which is vis less than 800m and ceiling less than 200ft.
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By Dave W
That's true.

FWIW, having used it, I very much agree with his reasoning on that. It's technically impressive but operationally distracting and unreliable as cue to avoid collisions.

Other opinions are available, of course - but that's mine, achieved after perseverance.
By Pilot Pete
We flew with PAW for the first time this weekend.
It was connected to Skydemon and running /used by a pax in the back.
We saw many gliders on the system but less than half of all traffic called to us, by 3 radar services , actually appeared on the screen.
I'm new to it and haven't had time to get into the settings yet.
Does anyone have a suggestion for the 1st or 2nd likely setting to check?
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By neilmurg
@Pilot Pete these systems need to be gotten used to, and Antenna placement is key and there's always airframe masking unless you fit external aerials. ADS-B only systems have a much simpler task but at the moment can only see a smaller fraction of aircraft. However, I think it's a useful addition to your see and avoid, it's not so important that you see things that aren't displayed, the useful bit is what they see that you would have missed. There are still always non-emitters and 'no height information'. Glider conspicuity is a BIG help, especially if you fly near Lasham which is the biggest glider site in the country (and even Europe I was told).
Also, if you have a ground station you get to see Wildcats...Image
By Cottie
@Pilot Pete Have you enabled Mode-S/3D in the configuration settings? I don't think it is enabled by default.

Pilotaware have instructions on how to do this on their website.
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By bilko2
I have to say that because there are so many different colour codes for aviation weather I tend to ignore them since I can never remember which is which.

A common colour code seems a good idea. Making up yet another one seems a bad idea.